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Wireless driver bundle for personal computers

Intel Pro Wireless Drivers is a bundle of wireless network connections which will be able to provide the user with unfettered access to the Internet. These drivers are intended for both professional personal use. Thanks to the deployment of advanced bandwidth technology, information can be sent and received over a secure connection; addressing potential privacy issues.

Features and Technical Information

Intel Pro Wireless Drivers employ an 802.11a/b/g network adaptor. This is the most common connectivity method on the market today. Such a connection will also help to heighten the levels of security and to decrease the chances that transmissions are intercepted by third parties. The wireless card makes use of bandwidths between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Please note that the system is only intended to be used with 32-bit Windows 7 operating systems. The latest updates occurred in May 2017, so this driver is up to date.

Additional Details

Intel Pro Wireless Drivers has been manufactured by the Intel corporation, so quality is never a concern. A total file size of 77.65 megabytes should not present a problem for most operating systems. This bundle is considered freeware and users are not required to pay a subscription charge before it is downloaded.


  • Intel Pro Wireless Drivers are designed by one of the leading software firms.
  • Users will not have to pay any type of fee to download this bundle.


  • This package cannot work with operating systems prior to Windows 7.
  • It is not currently compatible with Apple devices.


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Intel Pro Wireless Drivers


Intel Pro Wireless Drivers 21.120.2 for PC


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